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Healing of the body and soul
Clarity with purpose

Andrea Tremols

Owner ~

Soul Vibration Wellness

Anna is a compassionate communitcator who helped me to clearly understand my life path work and hone in on ways to help with healing my body and soul. She is professional and thorough and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for intuitive guidance in their lives.

Awakening to spiritual connection
Alignment with present moment

Deniz Sehovic

Owner ~


Anna and I had an *incredible* private session where she not only tapped into guardian angels who had been guiding me since I was a kid, but she connected me to my great grandmother on my mother's side-who I had never even met! The advice and heart-rooted guidance she gave me felt so aligned with exactly where I was in that moment, and what I needed to hear...I cried relief tears for HALF of our session! Not to mention she guessed 3 out of 5 letters (A T Z ) of my great granny's VERY unknown Bosnian name. I had never met her, but she was super close to my mom. I called my mom immediately after our session and asked what is grandmas madien name.... It's IZETA! Everything she was saying about her felt true. Anna's description was RIGHT ON down to her necklace, the things she knew I was feeling when it came to my Bosnian heritage and where I've been struggling in my heart to reconnect to that sense of identity for myself. Everything she was saying felt so spot on to how I'd been feeling during my big move, the growth of my business, how quickly everything happened etc. It was a relief to hear! I highly recommend a session with her if you're craving more alignment, clarity and divine connection in your life.

Emotional and energetic healing
Clarity for alignment

Kylah Alexis

Anna was great! My experience with her and the reading was extremely powerful and eye opening. The emotional connection I had with her and the energies that surrounded us in that moment were unreal. A true sensation of euphoria.

After the session, I felt content and relieved with life, as well as, at ease with the questions I had weighing on my mind. I am so thankful and happy I got the chance to do this with her. I strongly recommend getting a reading from her.

Healing through grief
Inner strength to move forward

Holly Lavoie

Anna Leavitt saved me. I had been doing okay after my mother's unexpected death from cancer for 2 or 3 months.  Then I really started to fall apart. I wasn't motivated or organized enough to find a grief group and really hoped for more of a connection to my mother, than just support in my grieving. A close relative of mine had seen Anna for a reading and suggested I go also. Smartest decision I've ever made.  She gave me answers, she gave me peace and I absolutely know for sure that she was making contact with my mother. Her nature is gentle and kind and so nurturing. I couldn't have moved on as I've been able to without that reading. I mean every word of this.

Thank you Anna.

Healing transformation
Finding the light in the dark

Jessica Earlandt

I am so grateful to Anna for sharing her gift with me. It was an incredibly healing experience and her capacity for holding space and allowing me to process information was immense. Anna's compassion and abilities helped to shine a light on some dark corners and I will never be the same, in the best possible way.

A connection to truth

Tamah Augen

I highly recommend Anna. She is authentic, extremely bright and compassionate. Make no mistake, she is tapped into the universe like no other healer I have found. If you want the truth, come to Anna.

Healing through grief.
Feeling heard and supported

Tara Flor

Owner ~

Pinnacle Chiropractic

Anna is a friendly, open-minded, and caring healer. Her space is warm and welcoming and she offers physical and spiritual space to sit with her and discuss, reflect, and connect. She is incredibly gifted and shows such compassion and interest in helping her clients get to a deeper understanding of what they are seeking. I sought guidance while grieving over the loss of a loved one. Leaving Anna's office, I felt heard. I felt lighter, connected, and comforted.

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