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1. Is there any preparation for the sessions?

  Come with an intention and openness for any healing you feel is needed in the present moment.

2. How does this compare to traditional therapy, psychic, tarot, or evidential mediumship readings?

  Intuitive guidance is a mix of holistic modalities outside of traditional medicine and mental health counseling.  

These sessions shine a light on what may be hindering your spiritual connection to your higher self and/or higher power.  False beliefs or programming, often make it difficult for us to connect to our intuition and own unique ability to connect to spiritual guidance.  Anna works with a spiritual team of helpers to deliver powerful, loving messages to help you through any physical, emotional and spiritual healing. For example: spirit can offer an awareness of your own unique gifts of intuition helping you to understand and use these abilities to live a life of purpose, balance and love; healing through grief, emotional traumas and physical aliments (in conjunction with and not in leu of medical advice); having an awareness and understanding of spiritual awakenings and much more. Anna is an energy healer, psychic medium and light worker who's purpose is to serve for the highest good of her clients and the collective.   


3. Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone?

You can pre-purchase a service at check out, but I do not provide gift certificates.  Please give the recipients name, email and phone number and note the payment is for a gift. 


4. What type of session should I book?

  Please book any session you feel best serves you.

Anna recommends new clients book the Discovery session as it is intended for those who have little or no experience with mediumship or a spiritual guidance services.  This gives Anna the time needed to establish a relationship with you and your spiritual team. 





1. Are you willing to travel for large groups?

  Yes, Anna is willing to travel for large groups of 4 or more.  There may be a small fee for travel depending on where or how far she will need to travel.


2. Can you offer other services along with group mediumship?

Yes, although services or number of folks receiving services may be limited due to time. 

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