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1. Is there any preparation for the sessions?

  Anna suggests coming with an intention to be open and getting as much rest as possible the night before.

2. What is the difference between this service, traditional therapy, psychic, tarot, or traditional mediumship readings?

  Intuitive guidance is a mix of holistic modalities outside of traditional medicine and mental health counseling.  Tarot cards are not used during a session. These sessions shine a light on what may be hindering your spiritual connection to your higher self and power.  False beliefs and traumas often create shadows masking your truth. The truth that you are a loving creator connected to the light of the divine.  Anna works with a spiritual team of helpers delievering powerful, loving messages and energetically creating a space of freedom and understanding.  Anna is a space holder, channeler and light worker who's purpose is to serve for the highest good of all who work with her.   


3. Can I purchase a gift certificate for someone?

You can pre-purchase a service at check out, but I do not provide gift certificates.  Please give the recipients name, email and phone number and note the payment is for a gift. 


4. What type of session should I book?

  Please book any session you feel best serves you.

Anna recommends new clients book the Discovery session as it is intended for those have little or no experience with mediumship or a spiritual guidance service.  This gives Anna the time needed to establish a relationship with you and your spiritual team. 





1. Are you willing to travel for large groups?

  Yes, Anna is willing to travel for large groups of 4 or more.  There may be a small fee for travel depending on where or how far she will need to travel.


2. Can you offer other services along with group mediumship?

Yes, although services or number of folks receiving services may be limited due to time. 

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