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 We are all spiritual beings by nature. On a journey within to connect to our higher divinity and power.  Many of us live life disconnected to our inner light and our own unique abilities to use our inner power to create healing and a life of balance and love.  Often we struggle with with false programming, the waves of grief or embracing our shadows to create harmony and balance in our lives making it difficult for us to see the beauty within ourselves and others.  The beauty of our divine soul. Your soul is the connection between spirit and your physical body, continuously processing information from our innate intuition and sensory world.  In truth, learning who you are as a spiritual being will help you navigate and ground in the present. Helping you to understand how to navigate through the difficult experiences in life.  As human beings, we receive and give energetic information.  Anna is here to help you connect and bring clarity to the energetic information that is there for you in the present moment. She offers guidance on your journey with love and compassion.   

    Anna energetically creates a safe and loving space to encourage open communication between you and spirit.  The spiritual connection and messages can be a variety of information from passed loved ones, your spiritual team or past life events. This guidance is given through means of psychic mediumship and energy channeling.  She encourages you to feel the information and take only what resonates with you.   Spirit is here to communicate guidance for healing. Helping you become more aware of information you can use to become aligned with a more purposeful spiritual life.  She serves as the channel through which spirit gives information for your highest good in the present moment.  Anna is here with love and integrity to support you in your journey of spiritual awakening, connection and purpose.   


Recommended for new clients

60 MIN / $120

You're invited to create an open dialogue and be present with an open heart to receive. This session is to establish a relationship with Anna and your spiritual team as you connect and gain an awareness of where you are in your spiritual journey.



Recommended for returning clients


          45 MIN / $100


Need guidance along your journey?

 This session is to help you with any blocks and continue on the journey with a sense of love and grace.



  As a Spiritualist, Anna believes in the continuous existence of the human soul. A principle honoring the wisdom that our souls continue to evolve even after physical death. Mediumship is a tool used to provide proof of life after death, as well as healing for those who are grieving the physical loss of a loved one.  As a Spiritualist, Anna values love and integrity in her mediumship. She channels evidence based messages from the spiritual realm to offer healing and a spiritual connection to all who are present. In a group setting, some may receive a message from a loved one, while others can experience the gift of being in the power of spirit.     



  There are many forms of energy healing therapy. One of these forms is Reiki, used to heal physical, emotional and spiritual aspects through channeling energy from practitioner to client.  
   During a Reiki session, Anna's intention is to clear and activate the natural flow of energy to heal and restore physical and emotional well-being. Reiki is an ancient gentle, hands-on, energy healing therapy.  You can expect for the space to have dimmed lighting and meditative soft sounds.  Before beginning the session, Anna will speak with you about any emotional, spiritual or physical aliments you are experiencing and would like to share.  She will concentrate healing on the particular areas addressed. 
The session will begin with you lying on a Reiki table and covered with a blanket.  Props may be used to help for comfort.  The goal is to get you into a relaxed meditative state for 45 minutes. At the end of the session, she will instruct you to take a few minutes to slowly awaken. If you desire, you're welcome to bring a journal and write down your experience from the session. Anna will then end the session by answering any questions you may have.  Staying well hydrated prior to the session and after is recommended.   


45 MIN / $75

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