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" Steady these thoughts to keep the burning embers at bay.

 An innocence caged, the truth she could not say.

 A clear path seen as a fogged alley.

 Wall to wall structured, a blurred fallacy.

 Truth will be seen with loves curiosity .

 A guiding light to clarity, healing the heart entirely."

                                     -A. L.


Anna's purpose is to awaken, connect and guide you to spirit.... As a Spiritualist, her work's foundation is influenced by the seven principles of Spiritualism.  Her practice and work focus on the truth that all humanity is a source of divine spirit and ALL hold the power to love and create, just as the creator. She will walk with you as you discover, develop and journey towards a more loving connection with your higher power, welcoming spirit to guide you on the journey to a more purposeful life.  


Anna knows you have the power within to create a life, unbound and free.  She believes the spiritual realm can shine a light on aspects of the self (whether emotional, physical or spiritual) and promote healing for a more balanced life of purpose and love. Anna believes we all hold true to the spiritual principle of personal responsibility.  A key to having the ability to heal and connect to our higher selves.  Her integrity holds true to the gift of unity and love for all. Her truth being that all can evolve to a higher consciousness by our of gift of divine intuition and love within. To serve our purpose of living a more spiritual life through love to ourselves and all living beings.  


Anna encourages you to be open and helps you to center in the present moment by offering her experience and channeled guidance from your spiritual team.  She is a natural medium and energy healer.  During an intuitive guidance session you can expect a blend of many tools learned throughout the years of her spiritual practice. Evidential psychic mediumship, past life experiences, medical mediumship and guided meditations are a few aspects that maybe experienced in a session.  Her sessions are strictly intuitive and given from spirit as channeled messages not to be used in leu of medical advice.  The resonance of these messages and the will to utilize what feels right to you is what will help you evolve on your spiritual journey.  We create the life we wish to live...    



Filtered Lights


Anna began her journey as a student at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, Georgia.  A challenge in her health lead her to the discovery of diagnostic imaging where she gravitated toward the desire to heal others. She received a Bachelors of Science in Radiologic Sciences in 2009 and soon after moved to Vermont beginning her career as an Ultrasound Technologist.  Within a few years, she began building relatioships and community with those centered in the field of alternative medicine, energy healing and intuitive studies.  She began receiving intuitive guidance and spiritual counseling igniting an interest in Spiritualism, mediumship and psychic studies.  She traveled to places such as Arthur Findlay College, the Omega Institute and the Journey Within to develop and practice mediumship. She has been honored to work with world renowned Spiritualist mediums and ministers such as Tony Stockwell and Janet Nohavec.  Her interest in energy medicine lead her to the practice of Reiki where she received training in Reiki levels I and II. Anna has worked as a psychic medium since 2017 and is now a ministerial student of Spritiualism through the Journey Within Spiritualist Church.  She is passionate and devoted to the beliefs and principles of Spiritualism. She continues to develop and strengthen her overall emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness in pursuit of her purpose, to unite all through the divinity of a higher power and connection to a higher consciousness.     



~Bachelors of Science in Radiologic Sciences -Sonography

~Current student of the Spiritualist Ministerial Program through the Journey Within Church


Mentors and Spiritual Guidance Practioners:

~Mediumship training- Tony Stockwell, Jamie Butler and various mediums and healers at the Journey            Within Spiritualist Church, Arthur Findlay College and the Omega Institute.

~Spiritual Activation, Guidance and Energy healing- Caryn Benevento and Melody Joy.

Energy Healing:

~Reiki I and II certifications at the Ayurvedic Center with Reiki Master Anne Cameron

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